The SwepIT Sdn Bhd. (“FIV5S”) Privacy Policy


The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“the Act”) was created by Malaysia’s Federal Government in order to manage the flow of people’s personal information when it came to the execution of business dealings. The Act, which usually pertains to organizations and establishments dealing in Malaysia, requires FIV5S to make you aware of your legal standing in regards to your personal information that is being organized (or that is to be collated and further managed by FIV5S) and to also keep you abreast of, among others, the reasons for the information being processed. We are legally bound to seek your permission to use your personal information in any way, shape or form.

Keeping your information safe and secure is of the utmost importance to us here at FIV5S. We will only use your name and other pertinent data that pertains to you in the ways specified in this Privacy Policy. FIV5S only collates information that is absolutely crucial to our dealings with you. FIV5S only keeps data for a time period that is allowed by Malaysian laws or is pertinent for the reasons it was collated.

Please peruse our website and access it without needing to give out your personal information. While browsing our website, you have the right to be inconspicuous and we would not be able to recognize your identity unless you have signed up for an account with FIV5S on our website and have thereby signed in with your registered username and password.

Signing up for FIV5S’s advertising mailing services

Besides the personal data previously mentioned, upon signing up for a FIV5S account, it will be your option to sign-up for our advertising mailing services. These mailing services may be delivered from within our corporation or through our affiliates. If you decide to be included in this mailing list, you have given FIV5S permission to manage your data, either through our corporation or our affiliates. You will always have the option of removing yourself from this mailing list by choosing to click the “unsubscribe” button that will always be available on the materials you receive.

Precautionary Measures

FIV5S guarantees that data collated will be protected and guarded in the most secure fashion. We keep your data secure by:

- Only giving access to personal data by way of usernames and passwords

- Updating technological apparatus in order to avoid hardware being hacked; and

- Eliminating your personal data safely when we have deemed it to be superfluous to our needs.

Discretion Assurance

FIV5S will not distribute your personal data with any corporations other than our own organization and affiliates immediately linked and essential for you buying items on the FIV5S website, the sending of those items and any reasons that you might have sanctioned. Under certain situations, FIV5S might have to release personal data; for example, when there is just cause to suspect that the release is crucial to avoid harmful consequences to a person’s life or well-being, or legally necessary. FIV5S holds itself to the standard of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, particularly in regards to its statutes as well as accompanying guiding principles and directives.

Should you feel that your privacy has been violated in any way, shape or form by FIV5S, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Helpline and we will do our level best to solve the problem.

In the daily running of our operations, FIV5S will/might be required to release your information to our affiliates or linked organizations to provide services, and/or our personnel, and/or any other relevant peoples.

- Our subdivisions, partners and linked organizations;

- Craftspeople, operatives, facilitators and other personnel we choose to assist us in running our daily operations more smoothly. Among these personnel are organizational assistance firms or corporations like courier or postal service providers, telcos, IT firms and data storage facilities;

- Purchasers or beneficiaries resultant from a merger or an acquisition or some other method of exchanging of a portion or all of the equity belonging to FIV5S, or as a result of insolvency or something of the same outcome, where the personal information in the possession of FIV5S is an asset acquired, or to another party in a business dealing that FIV5S or any of its partners or linked organizations has partaken in; and

- Outside firms that FIV5S discloses your information to for the reasons stated above and those firms would thereby be tasked with collating and managing your information for one or more reasons.

Your personal data might be released if FIV5S is legally obligated to do so, to impose FIV5S’s own personal directives, to answer to allegations that a post or similar material in wrongful towards other in some way, shape or form, or to safeguard someone else’s possessions, wellbeing or entitlements. Data of that sort will only be released according to the Malaysian laws and legislations.

The Collation Of User’s Computer Data and Not Amounting To Personal Data

Upon browsing the FIV5S website, our organization’s servers will store data automatically that your browser delivers at the instance you view a website, including information such as:

- The IP address belonging to you

- The type of web browser you’re using

- The website you were on previous to visiting FIV5S’s website

- The FIV5S webpages you browse

- How long you visit FIV5S’s webpages, the products and data you’ve searched for on the FIV5S website, when (date and time) you visit our site and similar correlated data.

The data is collated for research and assessment purposes to enhance the FIV5S website and all the goods and items that are available on it. The information will not be used together with accompanying personal data.

Support Facilities

FIV5S gives consumer support facilities via online, text messaging and suggestion documents. To give this support, FIV5S might require you to provide your email address and cellphone number. FIV5S utilizes only data we’ve gotten from support requirements, which might include, but not limited to, your email address, to be used for support facilities and we will not distribute this data to any other parties.

All visitors to FIV5S’s website can post questions to us or respond to other people’s questions on our online forums. In order to do this, we will collect some of your information like your username, FIV5S contact directory and all posted messages on those forums. There will also be instances in the future that will require FIV5S to ask you for your username and password.

Policy On Cookies


Occasionally, FIV5S might introduce “cookies” or some things similar that enable us or our affiliates to collate and distribute data that might better our website and everything we sell here, or to give us a good idea about things that we might be interested in selling in the future. “Cookies” are bugs we plant on your device that will enable us to identify your device in order to inform FIV5S when and how you utilized or browsed the FIV5S website, the number of people who browsed the site and keep an eye on the traffic on the site. FIV5S might use cookie data hand-in-hand with personal information. Cookies link to data in respect to what products you’ve chosen to buy and that webpages you’ve browsed. For example, the collated data will be used to monitor your account’s shopping cart. information is used to keep track of your shopping cart, for example. Cookies also send content related to things you like and to track site browsing history.

All users of the FIV5S website have the option of not allowing cookies by choosing the settings made available on every internet browser. Please not that selecting that option might restrict your usage of the FIV5S website.

Cookies are used on our pages to help research our web traffic; personalize our offerings, products and promotional activity; compute how successful our advertising campaigns are and to encourage security and trustworthiness.

Things To Note About Cookies

Some things you should be aware of regarding cookies:

- There are certain things on the FIV5S website that necessitate cookie utilization.

- Cookies are necessary to recognize you and to ensure you are logged in continually.

- The cookies FIV5S uses are "session cookies," which are automatically removed for a user’s computer’s hard drive when they leave the FIV5S website.

- The user will always have the option to not accept our cookies but choosing this may cause you to not be able to utilize parts of our website and its offerings.

- There may be a chance you’ll find cookies from our affiliates on some of the webpages on the FIV5S website that are beyond our regulation. Such as, if you are browsing a page that was made by another FIV5S user, that user might have put cookies of his or her own on that page.

Changes To The Privacy Policy

FIV5S holds the option to alter and rectify the Privacy Policy whenever we see fit. We will post the alterations we have made on the FIV5S website. Every user is recommended to refer to this Policy every time he or she visits the website in order to be kept abreast of the most updated version of the Policy.

FIV5S Contact Methods

Any queries and recommendations about this Privacy Policy can be directed to:

SwepIT Sdn Bhd.,

L-2, Jalan Tasik Utama 3, Medan Niaga Tasik Damai, Lake Fields Sungai Besi, 57000, Kuala Lumpur.